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Creating a brand to sell one square mile of raw land to developers and investors is rare, a strict departure from what is usually very transactional in nature.  The owner of the 640 acre parcel just south of Lubbock Texas wanted not only to fetch a  premium price for the acreage, but ensure that the resulting development would serve as a benefit to the citizens of Lubbock.  To fulfill that desire, he worked alongside a team of architects, marketers and real estate professionals to craft a idea of “what could be.” This concept would honor his family’s  100-year-old  legacy, while casting a vision for Lubbock’s future. A brand was created to represent a potential community constructred around healthy, active lifestyles, the culture and history of Lubbock and the feeling of the West Texas High Plains. The brand assets would become part of the sale of the land to be used by a future developer as needed.

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